Wang, manager of Euro-Bake Labor Park, told iPosChina,” Aldelo is a great helpful hand for my work; I can easily see a detailed sales report after a day’s work. It’s very easy to add new menu item, and change price for current items.” In the busy weekends, Euro-Bake has to place tables outside of the store,” it’s quite simple to add new table in the system, and the entire table layout are exactly match with our real business, so we have a clear picture of each table’s guests.” “At the end of the day, just one click, Aldelo could generate a closing report automatically” said Wang, Aldelo POS system could record all pizza transactions without any errors, increase the efficiency in the peak hours and service quality. “It saves me much time to review a day’s operation. Besides, Aldelo also provide extremely detailed report from various aspects, which supply solid data for me to analyze and make decisions.”


With its black-and-white chequered floors, hardwood bar and soundtrack of soft jazz music, Modernista could just as well be found tucked away in a Parisian backstreet as a Beijing hutong. This wine-bar-cum-jazz-bar-cum-movie-theatre will likely become a Mecca for the Euro-hipster (or, if you’re American, ‘Euro-douche’) scene. Says manager of Modernista: Aldelo Streamlining our POS and management process has freed us up to spend more time in restaurant operation.