Smith Chai CEO
Smith has been in hospitality IT industry for over 20 years. He was a high level manager in a famous hospitality software company before he found ipospro. Prior to that, he held various positions in this industry, including marketing director, sales manager, product manager, consulting and engineer, etc.
Now Smith oversees the entire operation of ipospro and provide strategic vision to support the business development. He is also responsible for product management and customer services.
He graduated from China Institute of Physics and Technology in 1997, with a Master’s in Computer Science.

Chuck Pon COO

Chuck is the co-founder of ipospro. He has more than 15 years experience in IT service and software development industry. Now he is responsible for daily operation of ipospro and the business development of ipospro.
Before the establish of ipospro, Chuck worked as a sales director in Starweb Limited which is a famous management software from 2001. In his tenure in Starweb, he held multiple roles, including being the sales manager as well as pre-sales manager responsible for Asia market.
Chuck has had significant experience in sales and marketing. Also he accumulated rich experience in retail, hospitality and hotels, and restaurant industries.
Chuck holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Degree in Electronics, from University of Beijing.

Steven Yan Director

Steven joined ipospro on 24 May 2010 and now he is responsible for the customer service. He manages the professional service team to provide consulting, implementation and support to customers. He built the service team from scratch for ipospro since he took the role of director of service. Steven brings his 20 years of customer services to ipospro.
He has extensive management and operational experience in the IT and hospitality sectors as both an owner and director of companies. Prior to ipospro, he operated his own company Yan Consulting for 8 years until it was acquired by ipospro.
He has a Master’s Degree in Asia — Business Management Major in Beijing University.