iPOSPRO not only just provide Aldelo POS software, but also comprehensive one stop service to help customers to deploy the solution quickly. iPOSPRO offers various services including consulting, IT intergrading, Aldelo POS configuration and initialization, 3rd party software intergrading (Quickbooks), training and supporting etc.

iPOSPRO professionals will help restaurants to design the workflow, choose software and hardware and deploy the solution. For those in the business problems encountered restaurant users, our professional experience and mature system, will be able to help them to optimize their business operations. For those restaurants encounter problems in running their business, iPOSPRO will be able to help them to optimize their business operations with our expertise and mature POS system.

In the process of consulting, whether a restaurant is new or not, and whether it needs to design a new business process or migrate from legacy system, we are able to deliver a satisfactory consulting service and deployment. Restaurants only need to provide their own data, or business idea, iPOSPRO will help you to accomplish easily