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Aldelo POS review by end user.

I have worked at quite a few different pizzerias & restaurants and out of all the POS systems that I have come across; I would say that Aldelo is by far the best and most streamlined system. The restaurant/pizzeria that I currently work at has dining room seating for 100+, and additionally 40% of our business comes from the counter (i.e. take out/delivery/slices) – Aldelo is able to not only satisfy our needs, but goes above and beyond. While I cannot comment on the database/data mining functions/CRM Management aspects of the Aldelo POS (on account that I don’t think any of my previous managers have ever been astute enough to even use these features), I still maintain that this POS is far superior to RPower, Pizza Director, & Micros. Here are some key features that I like about Aldelo:

- For counter use, it is excellent. It’s quite streamlined and designed for the fast pace environment without sacrificing quality. Ringing up slices is a breeze & placing/recalling take out orders is instantaneous.
- For the people answering the phone, it is quick and easy to take orders of any type; take out & delivery.
- The order taking interface is extremely easy to use, yet maintains functionality. The modifier menu (which can be programmed in) is essential for not only phone order taking, but easy for the waitstaff to use, especially when busy. Custom modifiers, while a touch cumbersome (shouldn’t even be needed if you do your due diligence in programming the modifiers by dish), get the job done and save any imaginable request along with an upchagre (if applicable). This takes the guess work out of everything.
- For delivery aspects, it is great. It allows you to create drive profiles and assign deliveries. It tracks delivery times, departure/arrival times, and total sales per driver. When closing out everything at the end of the night, this POS really automates the cashing-out process. Every driver is presented with a total on what they need to pay (= complete delivery total – credit card total – credit card gratuities), and then they can be closed out. Furthermore, it also tracks customer spend by address/phone number.
- For the waitstaff this POS is a necessity. The table coordination section is absolutely amazing and simple to use. Entering orders is a breeze, and “fire” options allow the waitstaff to coordinate table delivery quite easy. As with the delivery drivers, all waitstaff have their own passcodes allowing you to keep track of their sales. Closing them out is as simple as pulling their report and having them pay their cash balances. Tips on credit cards are adjusted after the tables are closed out, and are reflected in total need to be paid.
- For managerial/administrative purposes, this point of sale is good as well. While I probably don’t use more than 2% of its capabilities, it still does far beyond what I would ever need. Simple reporting is easy not only to pull up, but to read & understand as well. Open order reports allow you to catch errors and see what checks are open and remain unpaid. Sales by category is a nice, quick little feature as well. It tracks payroll by employees signing in and out, however where I work we don’t use the POS payroll options. Gift card creation & integration is simple and fast, and easy to keep track of. Furthermore, the ability to settle/alter/add or remove gratuities from credit cards (before the draw is closed for the day) is absolutely amazing. It’s great if you make a mistake, need to credit a customer, need to alter an order, need to add, remove, or alter a tip when deemed appropriate – all this without needing to call the credit card company!

Nothing is without drawbacks, so here are my two negative views about the system:

- Our system runs a little slow – but this is probably due to the fact we are working with outdated (4+ years old) & poorly maintained equipment.
- The biggest problem that I have with the system (which is quite a minor one in retrospect)is its ability to place future orders. If you need to enter an order for a future time, you need to use what is called a “hold” function. This notes in the computer that the specified order is only to be produced or closed out on the day noted. If using to place an order for the same day, but for a later time, there is no problem with this function. However, when used with orders for tomorrow +, it become a little quirky. It still recognizes the ticket, but it becomes very difficult to do advanced payment via credit card – as it will automatically close the check if charged at a previous time. What this will do is essentially “lose” your order in the system, rendering it very difficult to add a tip or make changes because the credit cards are batched (should be) daily. This can be avoided however by one of two ways – by keeping a manual ledger of the order and then entering it on the day needed, or (how we do it) by entering the order in the POS ahead of time, taking the customer CC #, and then running the credit card just as the food is about to be delivered/picked up. This pretty much avoids 100% of this problem. Mind you, this happens very seldom, and really only with catering orders.

So I will say that overall this is an excellent system. While it may not be the cheapest system, or best database oriented system; I believe its superior usability & functionality far outweigh the cons.

I hope this helps.

Aldelo POS system users in China: Red Square Restaurant

Red Square is the most famous Russian restaurant in Guangzhou, and they chose Aldelo POS system as their POS system since they started the business, and Aldelo POS system helped their restaurant running smoothly.

The boss is a young and beautiful Russian woman, from Siberia, only twenty six or seven years old. Years ago when she came to Guangzhou found that there is not even has a Russian restaurant, because she miss, “The mum’s flavour”, so there will be this Russian restaurant.

Red square is located in the heart of Central City on the road, Cathay Building’s second floor. Take the elevator up, and then to walk into the wood floor of the aisle, stillshocked at the corner hangs a abstract painting in the Russian style vaguely romantic tip or dome of the palace buildings. Into the door, suddenly have become clearsense, because the ceiling is high, and the tables have to suffer suffer rare look crowded crowded, with enough of each other aisle. Later, someone told me that it was for the convenience of the guests left the dance. I found out that there is a large screen and stage. Russian band every night with bands, lively Russian folk songs is anotherflowing feast.

Aldelo POS

Simplicity for All Restaurants and Bars
Restaurant and bar operators are faced with complex and mission critical responsibilities such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, labor management, kitchen productivity, and much more everyday.
In the busy quest for success, time becomes a valuable commodity among restaurant operators. The ability to simplify and streamline operations not only helps increase the bottom line, but also yields the greatly desired leisure time for family and friends.
Aldelo POS Pro is the ideal point of sale and store management solution to help simplify operations for all table service restaurants, quick service restaurants and bars.
Aldelo POS
Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity
Aldelo POS Pro point of sale and management solution empowers restauranteurs increase efficiency and reduce complexity. It is a super simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience.
Aldelo POS Pro takes care of point of sale activities, reservation and waiting list, guest and manager paging, customer tracking, gift card management, house account charges, delivery order routing and tracking, table service and quick service order entry, cashier payment handling, financial accountability, staff communications, and much more all included and ready for action out of the box.
Aldelo POS Pro gives restaurateurs complete management control at their fingertip. Management features such as inventory and recipe tracking; labor and scheduling control; extensive reports; and much more are all standard features and easily accessible with just a click away. Restaurateurs also gain insight into store operations effortlessly with dozens of extensive reports.
Aldelo POS
Maximize Productivity and ROI
Aldelo POS Pro is great for small, medium, and large restaurants and bars. We service customers ranging from a single point of sale terminal to more than ten point of sale terminals within one location. Aldelo POS Pro is also great for customers having just one store location, or hundreds of store locations across the country.
Our advanced software solution maximizes productivity with its full featured capabilities and ease of use. Imagine, Customers stay more satisfied with faster order processing; staff activities are more streamlined; managers are more informed about store operations; waste and mistakes are greatly reduced. Everything works perfectly, efficient and simplified everyday.
Regardless of your food service operation theme, type or size, Aldelo POS Pro is the perfect hospitality point of sale and store management solution to help you achieve simplicity, productivity and efficiency. Our cost effective software solution truly enables all restaurateurs to enjoy the benefits of store automation while achieving the best possible return on investment.