Aldelo POS system users in China: Red Square Restaurant

Red Square is the most famous Russian restaurant in Guangzhou, and they chose Aldelo POS system as their POS system since they started the business, and Aldelo POS system helped their restaurant running smoothly.

The boss is a young and beautiful Russian woman, from Siberia, only twenty six or seven years old. Years ago when she came to Guangzhou found that there is not even has a Russian restaurant, because she miss, “The mum’s flavour”, so there will be this Russian restaurant.

Red square is located in the heart of Central City on the road, Cathay Building’s second floor. Take the elevator up, and then to walk into the wood floor of the aisle, stillshocked at the corner hangs a abstract painting in the Russian style vaguely romantic tip or dome of the palace buildings. Into the door, suddenly have become clearsense, because the ceiling is high, and the tables have to suffer suffer rare look crowded crowded, with enough of each other aisle. Later, someone told me that it was for the convenience of the guests left the dance. I found out that there is a large screen and stage. Russian band every night with bands, lively Russian folk songs is anotherflowing feast.

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